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Desire for Revenge


Natalie has to get married in order to satisfy her father’s will and obtain her inheritance. Her carefully laid plans are thrown out the window when her best friend renegades on the deal and walks away.

Self made millionaire Benito Massetti is set on revenge. Spoilt heiress Natalie Abbot ruined his life once and now needs a husband fast. He is more than happy to a price.

Benito is used to women throwing themselves at his feet but it is this woman that he wants to see beg for him.

Natalie isn’t the spoilt brat that the media vilified her as. She is emotionally scarred and broken.So when Benito finally has her in his bed he finds the stakes have changed.

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Andreas’ Revenge 


Mistress in name only? 
Gabriella managed to slowly stutter out, “be a fake mistress? For you?!” 
“Why not?” 
“I don’t know it’s not every day I have a boss that is trying to blackmail me into pretending to be his mistress, do I?” Gabriella sarcastically snapped in bewilderment and mortification at the way her day was turning out. 

Gabriella Reece is stunned when after 8 months of working for Andreas Kiricas as his personal secretary he tells her that he can’t trust her any longer to work for him due to her increasing financial difficulties. He is concerned that she will be bribed to give up corporate secrets. He offers up a non negotiable option of being able to keep her job working for him and he will help her out of financial difficulty in return for a few months of her time in addition to her current role. There has to be a catch surely? 

There is. The ruthless Italian Magnate needs her to pose as his mistress for a few months. 
Gabriella has no choice but to take Andreas’ offer. After all it’s in name only. Her feelings towards him confuse her but she isn’t his type. It shouldn’t be hard. On the upside she would keep her job, so she could keep her aunt and uncle comfortable in their retirement years in return for raising her. On the plus side all her debts disappear. 

Andreas is struggling with their arrangement. 
Gabriella fascinates him like no other woman has. He sees her beauty under her frumpy attire. She has gotten under his skin and he is struggling to resist this beautiful woman. His revenge relies on Gabriella being his trigger against his target, her father. Is it too late to stop the revenge he’s set in motion? 



Escape from the Master


Sheikh Karim Mansour never mixes business with pleasure until now. He spends one night of incredible passion with his employee Lacey Abbott and breaks his rule. Now he wants her and must have her in his life until he moves on to his next conquest.


When Karim ends their short lived affair, she walks out at the same time company funds go missing. He is determined to bring his rebellious mistress to justice – slowly and pleasurably before handing her over to the authorities.

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Kate Anderson is a author of romance novels from the South Island of New Zealand. She currently writes in her spare time when not working fulltime or studying. 

Kate's romance novels are much more plot based with strong independent characters and a tempestuous romance to match with fiery sparks thrown in for good measure.
She started writing romance novels four years ago.